We are made of "3 bodies". We have our Physical body, which we are very familiar with. When we are in need of healing for this body we seek physicians, massage therapists, etc. When our Emotional bodies need healing, we seek counselors and psychiatrists. I work with the Energy body. The Energy body is where it all begins.



​You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide

Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing Therapy with Crystals
$65 or a discounted package of 4 sessions for $200
Rewriting Your Life Script
$200 for a 3 hour session, includes 2 follow-up counseling sessions
Reiki Master Healing
$50 or a discounted package of 4 sessions for $160
L.O.L.-Loving Our Life Group, A group to connect us with with our gifts of spirit
Reiki I, II, & III Classes & Attunments
ADL Ministrial and Doctorate of Divinity in Metaphysics and Spirituality

Reiki Master Healer-Using the ancient energy of Reiki, Rev. Dr. Becky Rector connects with Spirit, to heal the Energy body. Science research today, has proven the effects of Reiki healing. More advanced hospitals in our country recognize the power of Reiki healing today.  If a heart patient has a Reiki master, there are many surgeons that request their Reiki Master to come in for an open heart procedure, as the results of are prove more effective with the Reiki Master, than without.  Rev. Dr. Becky Rector has visited babies in Infant ICU, and offered her Reiki services. After seeing just one baby, she was requested 3 more times in that week, as the effects were noticeable.





Heart's Desire Journey


The Heart's Desire Journey is for the person ready to step fully into living the life they truly desire to live. This Journey includes 4 workshops per year, with Life Coaching services available.


Our Heart's Desire-Creating Heaven on Earth

  A workshop to connect deeply within, to see what our true heart's desire is really saying.  This is a powerful workshop to move one in the direction of living and thriving in their lives, from their heart.


Energy Life Shift

  This workshop will remind us of the Heart's desire we have, and set up strategic steps to move forward in the direction of living our Heaven on Earth.  We will give our desire our breath of life.


Shifting Paradigms

  As life is moving in the direction of our desire, our life paradigms will begin to shift.  In this workshop, we will discuss the shifting in life that is occuring.  This will be a powerfully supportive workshop, to work through these shifts and empower each other to move forward.


Embracing Change

  Once the Universe has worked with us in creating our desires to become manifest, our life changes.  Often times when these changes occur, fear can step in causing us to put all breaks on, and want to stop the manifestion from occuring.  This workshop is a very important one to attend.  We will work through grace, love and support, to empower us to embrace the change that is occuring, as our "Heaven on Earth" awaits us on the other side of this change.


The workshops are offered quarterly







Crytals 101


Learn all the basics of which crystals are best for what you are desiring.  Learn how to care for your crystals, and to protect yourself while using these very powerful stones.


Indigo/Crystal Kids


Come to understand how to work with these very unique and gifted children.  Help create a supportive world for them to grow in.


Living Consciously-Mind, Body, and Spirit


Come join Rev. Dr. Becky Rector and Naturalpath doctor Rev. Rocky Rector to learn how to live more consciously and healthy.  One will learn how to eat healthier, connect with living more emotionally balanced, and how the energy body (chakra system) relates to living a consciously healthy life.





 ADL Ministry Training

This 1-year program provides a rewarding career or adjunct for those just getting started or those

seeking to enhance their existing skill sets. ADL is ideal for;


·         Life Coaches, Mentors, and             Teachers

·         Individual and/or Group                   Counselors

·         Human Resources Personnel

·         Wedding Chapel Owners                 and/or Managers

·         Spiritual Arts and Sciences               practitioners

·         Hands-On Energy Workers

·         Hypnotherapists and more


Upon completion of 1-year program, student will become a

Federally recognized minister, and will receive their own

Non-Profit 501c3 status.


$300 application fee to National ADL and $900 Tuition 

(Payment plans available)


Doctoral Studies Program

The Alliance of Divine Love, Inc. also offers a 3-year

Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysics and Spirituality Degree

Program, which is available upon completion of ADL

Ministerial training.


Your Future

Energy Medicine and the Spiritual Arts and Sciences are

the wave of the future.  So enroll in ADL today!

Become a part of this exciting change for Humanity


Classes available in group meetings, Skype, and phone.

Flexibility is offered with classes.


$100 application fee to National ADL and $3000 to National ($1000 per part-3 parts/years)




Have you found yourself doing all of the things taught by Law of Attraction teachers, but something seems to still block you from creating your reality?  Perhaps there are imprints from your childhood that are in your subconscious, that are preventing you from realizing your true Identity.  In this  3 hour session we will discover what those imprints are, and “re-write” them.  This session has changed my life, and the lives of many others.




Spiritual Counseling
$1.00 per minute (typically 60-90 minutes, whatever your need is.

Rev. Dr. Becky Rector offers Reiki I, II and III classes and attunements.  She incorporates the logic mind teaching as well as the energy experience of the Reiki.  Reiki I is a 2 day training.  Reiki II is a 2 day training, after 30 days of having Reiki I attunement. Reiki III is a 6 month training. 

Call or email for pricing.


“L.O.L.- Loving Our Life”- Written by Rev. Dr. Becky Rector.  This is a 14 week group, to connect us with our Gifts of Spirit and the Gift of who we really are. 


The weekly course is $10 Love offering, which includes the book. 



$250 (Plus travel if outside a 30 mile radius of Greenville, SC.

Home and Office Blessings
Home blessings/clearings -$70
Business blessings-$99
includes supplies
21 Day Guided Meditation
$299 for 21 days of guided meditation
  • Weddings 

  • Union Ceremonies     

  • House and Space Blessings

  • Baptisms

  • Memorials/Funerals/Pet Funerals




Funerals/Pet Funerals- $ Love offering



It takes 21 days to make a habit. Rev. Dr. Becky Rector will come to your home and do a guided meditation for 21 days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) to coach you in to making a habit of meditation.  




Life Coaching-$1.00 per minute (sessions typically are an hour).  Package of 4 $180. 

Add "on call services" for an additional $50 (up to 4 calls

per month)

Rev. Dr. Becky Rector offers Spiritual Counseling, by helping connect to who we really are, and live from that perspective.  She helps connect others to their heart's desire, and continue moving fearlessly forward in the direction of their dreams.   Counseling is offered for individuals, couples and children.  Rev. Dr. Becky has done much study and worked with Indigo and Crystal Children.  


Rev. Dr. Becky Rector offers Home and Office Building Cleansings and Blessings. This service removes any negative energies and impurities from your space and restores harmony.




Presentations by
Rev. Dr. Becky Rector

If you would like Rev. Dr. Becky Rector to give a presentation at your church or organization, please email us to schedule a date. Below are some of the topics that she can present:


  • Shifting from Mind to Heart

  • The power of our thoughts

  • Living Heaven on Earth

  • How we truly can live in the Now-The Present moment

  • How to meditate

  • Understanding the Energy Body-Energy Healing


$175  for an hour presentation (Plus travel if outside a 30 mile radius)



As we connect to what our true heart's desire is, and begin the process of making it manifest, our life will begin to change.  Life coaching sessions will help one process through these life changes, to empower each client to truly live the life they are desiring so much to live.


Life Coaching packages are available for weekly sessions.  Add on call services to any package, to call on Rev. Dr. Becky Rector, during times of challenges as life is transitioning.


Life Coaching covers the below life catagories;








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