Rev. Dr. Becky Rector

Soul Journeys Founder


Founder and presenter at all Soul Journeys events, Rev. Dr. Becky Rector will guide us deep into our heart, to discover who we truly are and what our heart's desire is.  From there, she will facilitate how we can truly step into living life from our Heart. When we live from our hearts, as who we really are, our lives Thrive.  Within us all is destined to be great.  Come connect to your Divinity.



Rev. Catherine Lambert

Soul Journeys Kaleidoscope Presenter


"What's Love Got To Do With it"

Spend time feeling totally in love with the Divine, as Rev. Catherine Lambert shares her journey of experiencing unconditional love twice, before having the opportunity to give unconditional love to human kind. This powerful experience wil have you in your heart space more powerfully than ever before.




Anna White Hodges

Soul Journeys Musician


Anna White Hodges (Annie); Born into a family of talented artist and musicians, Anna White Hodges is an energetic singer-songwriter and performer. Her professional path began in 1995 when Anna's discovery by Dasha Epstien, a Tony Award Winning Broadway Producer, lead her to a songwriting contract with Fiddleback Music in New York City. Anna’s musical journey took her to the stage of the Grand Ol Opry where she performed her own original songs. She experienced all of this and more while continuing to raise 7 children in Florida and manage her clam farm in the Gulf of Mexico. Currently, Anna is creating children's books and writing songs for the presentation of " Melodic Soul Journeys".




Jill Schmidt

Psychic Medium


Jill Schmidt is a Psychic Medium in Greenville, South Carolina who reads for people all over the United States, connecting them with their loved ones and friends who have crossed over. Jill uses her gifts of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), and clairsentience (clear knowing) to deliver messages from Spirit.


Jill offers Psychic Medium Readings to provide healing and a sense of closure to the grieving through communication with those who have crossed over and offers guidance and insight to those in need. The powerful healing that may take place in a single session has been compared to months of  grief counseling. Readings can also assist one on their path in life.  Often times, we feel as though we  are at a crossroads in life, and not sure  the direction to go. Without violating free will, a reading can  offer clarity on what each road may lead to.


As a Psychic Medium, Jill Schmidt may also be able to provide information to missing persons cases or  “unsolved  mysteries”.



Don Fletcher

"Musing of a Misplaced Monk – Acceptance Brings Contentment"


Join us for a workshop exploring many of the blocks to peace and more importantly contentment. Through many years of spiritual introspection and guiding others, Don has noticed common obstacles and how to remove them through the healing powers of honesty, self- examination, prayer, meditation and acceptance. This 2 hour session will include meditation, discussion and practical actions to use to help bring about personal contentment.