Reiki Master Healing


Reiki Master Healer-Using the ancient energy of Reiki, Rev. Dr. Becky Rector connects with Spirit, to heal the Energy body.  Science research today, has proven the effects of Reiki healing.  More advanced hospitals in our country, if a heart patient has a Reiki master, there are many surgeons that request their Reiki Master to come in for an open heart procedure, as the results are proven more effective with the Reiki Master, than without.  Rev. Dr. Becky Covington has visited babies in Infant ICU, and offered her Reiki services.  After seeing just one baby, she was requested 3 more times in that week, as the effects were noticeable.





Chakra Balancing with Crystals


Our energy centers are called Chakras. These are our energy centers.  In our lives, we absorb so much energy from environment, unhealthy food, emotional stresses, fear, and much more. Most of us, also have so much love and compassion, that we absorb energy from others as well.  All of this affects our Chakras.  Each chakra holds different energy.  The root chakra is connected to our childhood. The sacral chakra is connected to our reproductive system, where creativity is birthed. The solar plexas stores all of our emotions past and present. The heart chakra holds any grief as well as love. The throat chakra is our ability to speak our truth. The third eye chakra connects us to our Gifts of Spirit. The Crown chakra connects us to Divine Spirit, that which we may call God. When chakras stay out of balance, we eventually manifest not only emotional illnesses, but physical illnesses as well.  For example, if a sore throat keeps coming on, of a cough, perhaps the throat chakra is closed.  If we have been having reproductive issues, perhaps the sacral has been shut down. After checking the Chakra system, in a session, Rev. Dr. Becky Covington will open the chakras, brush the Auric field, remove attached energies in the auric field, clear the solar plexus and spleen of stored emotions, clear grief from the heart chakra, open the meridians, and raise your vibration. Integrating use of crystals and the Reiki energy, this session is an incredible experience.

Rewriting Your Life Script


Have you found yourself doing all of the things taught by Law of Attraction teachers, but something seems to still block you from creating your reality? Perhaps there are imprints from your childhood that are in your subconscious, that are preventing you from realizing your true Identity.  This 3 hour session we will discover what those imprints are, and “re-write” them.  This session has changed my life, and the lives of many others.