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"In your pretend play as a child, you dreamed big.  You may have been a super hero helping a person in need or a teacher making a difference.  Perhaps you were a romantic prince or princess or a loving king or queen. You may have been a famous rock star, an actor an actress, or a champion athlete.  But as your grew, the real world loomed large and those dreams faded.

In Soul's Journey, author Rev. Dr. Becky Rector helps you manifest the life you desire, the life of your dreams. Using a combination of case studies, methodologies of a variety of spiritual practitioners, and personal experiences of seeking your heart's desire, Soul's Journey aims to help you bring about the life you would most like to live. It includes discussions about areas such as mediation, four keys to living divine consciousness, and being aware of where you focus your energy.

Rector shows how this journey begins in childhood with the seeming magic of your imaginations and ends with uncovering our heart's desire and putting your intentions into action."

Rev. Dr. Rector shares that your heart's desire has been within you since the moment you came into life.  It is that which feels the most loving in your life.

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Deer encounter with Rev. Dr. Becky Rector, described in book "Soul Journey's-Discovering Your Heart's Desire"