Client Testimonials


Because of an abusive childhood, I had severe depression, anxiety and fear.  I made my first suicide attempt at age 12.  I had over 35 years of conventional therapy and medication, but it did not do much to alleviate the emotional pain I felt.  I have had two sessions of spiritual counseling with Reverend Becky Rector and am ecstatic  and amazed at the result!  The burden of fear and hurt is gone and I am excited about my future!  I want everyone to experience the joy that I now feel.  If new issues arise in my life, I will immediately make an appointment with Reverend Rector!  I very highly recommend her to help you find your peace."-KS



"I feel that the spiritual counseling & holisting healing I received from Rev. Dr. Becky Rector in 8 days was amazing and uplifing!  I feel renewed and rejouvenated!  I don't belive that I would have been able to heal this healthy and rapidly with conventional methods!" -T.



"Attending the Soul Journeys workshop was incredibly and powerful.  I walked away very connected to the truth of who I am, and have shifted my life in amazing ways.  Thank you to Rev. Dr. Becky and the amazing presenters.  I look forward to the next event"-M




"Coming from someone who has not ever experienced any spiritual classes or healing, after attending the January 2014 Heart's Desire workshop, my life has opened up in many different ways.  I have found peace in aspects of my life, where I didn't think peace was possible.  My life has changed for the better good.  I am more grateful for things and people in my life. Conversations, experiences are all different in a good way. The workshop left me wanting and thirsting for more.  After attending the workshop, I opted to use the coaching sessions by Rev. Dr. Becky Rector.  Having Rev. Dr. Becky Rector as my life coach has helped me move through anger, frustration and embrace the changes occuring in my life.  I have found that even frustration while driving in traffic, no longer bothers me.  Life is a process, and I believe the counseling helped heal wounds, that I didn't realize was bleeding out in to my life.  I am grateful and highly recommend these workshops and investing in the coaching services, as it has enhanced and change my life." -Trisha Timmons




"Rev. Dr.. Becky helped me to find my inner peace. Her gentle grace and patience with me inspired me to see life in a different perspective”- Leslie




“After Rev. Dr. Becky spent over 3 hours with me in what she calls “rewriting the script”, I realized how my past experiences were imprinting blocks to what I want to manifest in my future. I am now living my life in way's I never thought weren’t possible”- Mary




“I wasn’t sure what to expect when having a Chakra balancing and energy healing with Rev. Dr. Becky. She offered it to me, after spending time talking with her about my lack of faith in anything. During the session, she used many beautiful crystals. The experience was incredible. After leaving the session, I was awake for 48 hours doing something I hadn’t done in a long time. Painting. And of all things to be inspired to paint, I was painting Angels. That’s what I could see all around me during the session”.- C




"I experience Rev. Dr. Becky as an honest, fair, intelligent, pure, heart-centered leader who lives in integrity with the messages she teaches. Rev. Becky exemplifies the Divinity within and is a beacon of Light for others to honor their individual connection with God. She encourages our ministers to trust themselves and contribute to our Sunday services and has always treated others as her equal. My first impression of Becky was that she was the rare kind of person I could trust would always be honest and never be hurtful. She has only solidified that impression over the years". –





"Rev. Dr. Becky preformed the wedding for my husband and I.  She did an amazing job, and really connected with the story of our love.  She took her time to understand our relationship, to create a ceremony that will be remembered throughout our lives".  –A




"Rev. Dr. Becky has been a blessing in my life. I have made it through hard times with her, in which I could not have done with anyone else.  Her spiritual light is so bright, it is blinding.  She is full of life and she has a gift not many people have: the gift of the way she sees people not for their faults, but for their perfections".  –Rev. Kathy Stevens




"Coming back from Iraq, I had many challenges with my relationships with family and friends. I experienced so many unexpected breakthroughs from my sessions with Rev. Dr. Becky.  She helped me unlock things from even my childhood, and heal them.  The sessions were always uplifting and powerful". –K





Hello, My name is Jill Thomas and I wanted to share with you a few words about my Alliance of Divine Love Ministerial instructor Rev. Becky.


I first met her in late 2000. She and I both lived in Northwest Florida and I grew to love her not only as friend, but at a mentor. She was also a very well liked and respected business woman in our very small, but quaint community. We worked together briefly while I was pregnant with my daughter . She always had a certain smile that warmed your spirit and elevated your mood. Rev. Becky is kind and gentle. Her bubbly personality is one that I could not ever get enough of!

In 2011 I began my journey with Alliance of Divine Love. Having her as my teacher was an honor. Blessing her teachings with such a warm vibrating love. She enfolds you from the beginning to end with the true essence of ADL. She has a calm and peaceful way about her that made the classes flow with ease and delight. To say my experience has been life changing would be a huge understatement. I'm waking in the Sunlight at last! I JUST LOVE LOVE!!

Through and enlightening, she is able to channel Divine Love Principles with authenticity and conviction.

I hope I'll be able to pass on the message that was so freely given to me. Through her Love Light, and through dear Rev. Bob's light who proceeded her at Seraphim Center, Alining myself alongside of Rev.Becky and Alliance of Divine Love is my true hearts desire. To continue to spread the message of loving all things with the Greatest Degree of Love will be my primary purpose in life.

Thank you Sunlight of The Spirit for ADL and thank you Rev. Becky for loving me so perfectly through my journey. Blessings, Xo, Jilly






~ Soul Journeys ~

Uplifting and Inspiring Humanity, one healing/counseling/workshop at a time.












We have a beautiful light within each of us to live Heaven or Peace on Earth. I look forward to helping to create this experience one healing session at a time.