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Rev. Dr. Becky Rector, MDiv-Minister and Published Author

Published Author of "Soul's Journey-Discovering our Heart's Desire".  Purchase now from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million.  Contact your favorite book seller, and ask for your copy today. 

Rev. Dr. Becky Rector is a spiritual mystic who's life path is to uplift humanity's' vibration to a more loving state. One of her consistent teachings is; "We are all a spark of the Divine and the Divine Spirit is within us. When we connect to the gift of who we really are, we serve humanity and truly become who we are destined to be. 


Whether one reads her book or connects with her for counseling, healing, attending workshops, or embarks on the spiritual path of the ministry, their lives will be enhanced and uplifted. She see's the light within us all and helping us to see it within ourselves and all others.